The Turecki Lab

Principal Investigator: Gustavo Turecki, MD, PhD

Research Areas

  • Clinical phenotypes associated with suicidal behaviour
  • Molecular changes associated with early-life adversity, mood disorders and their comorbidities, and suicide
    • DNA modifications
    • Histone modifications
    • Noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs; lncRNAs, miRNAs, etc.)
    • Polyamines
    • Inflammatory markers
  • Biomarkers of major depressive disorder treatment response or relapse and suicidal events
    • Molecular biomarkers
    • Neural correlates
  • Gene expression studies

Suicide Brain Banking

Contributions to the Suicide section of the Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank

Key publications

Full publication list: G Turecki on PubMed

Funding Sources

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Current Lab Members

  • Daniel Almeida (PhD student)
  • Zahia Aouabed, MSc (Research associate – Bioinformatics)
  • Amanda Brown (PhD student)
  • Sarah Barnett-Burns (PhD student)
  • Anjali Chawla (PhD student)
  • Gary Gang Chen, PhD (Technical Operations Manager)
  • Laura Fiori, PhD (Research associate)
  • Pascale Ibrahim (PhD student)
  • Elena Leonova-Erko (Biorepository Coordinator)
  • Rixing Lin (PhD student)
  • Malosree Maitra (PhD student)
  • Laurence Messier (MSc student)
  • Haruka Mitsuhashi (MSc student)
  • Corina Nagy, PhD (Associate Professor, McGill University)
  • Massimiliano Orri, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow)
  • Léa Perret (PhD student)
  • Sydney Sue (MSc student)
  • Jean-François Théroux (Research associate – Bioinformatics)
  • Kathryn Vaillancourt (PhD student)
  • Jennie Yang, MSc (Cell culture specialist)
  • Volodymyr Yerko, PhD (Lab manager)
  • Dariusz Żurawek, PhD (Post-doc fellow)

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