The MGSS benefits from access to essential and unique resources.

Easy access to well-characterized brain samples through the Douglas-Bell Canada Brain Bank

  • Over 3,600 human brain samples
  • Ships 2,000 samples annually to researchers worldwide
  • Actively recruits brains through a partnership with the Quebec Coroner’s Office

Centre for Translational Research on Mood Disorders and Suicide

  • Combines several research areas – clinical, neuroanatomy, molecular and cellular biology, and epigenetics – with the goal of understanding the mechanisms underlying mood disorders and suicide
  • Fully equipped with the tools to conduct translational research, a form of research that allows knowledge developed in basic and clinical research to be applied directly to patient
    • Single-cell analysis capability (FACS, laser-capture microdissection)
    • In-house sequencing equipment
    • Biobanking facilities (blood samples, fibroblasts, pluripotent stem cells)
    • Cell culture facility equipped for work with immortalized and primary cells
    • Molecular and Cellular Microscopy Platform (confocal and multi-photon microscopes)

Molecular and Cellular Microscopy Platform

  • An Olympus Discovery Center, born from a partnership between the research centre and Olympus Canada Inc established in 2015
  • Advanced optical microscopy core facility that offers access to the latest fluorescence microscopy techniques for neuroscience research

Access to other resources located at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute

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