Depressive Disorders Program

The Depressive and Suicide Disorders Program is a superspecialized (third-line) service for youth and adults who suffer from refractory and/or recurrent major depressive disorder with or without the presence of suicidal behaviour. The program offers cutting-edge treatment for clients and provides support to families to help them interact with the person in difficulty.

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Gustavo Turecki, MD, PhD
Program Chief
François Provost
Marcelo Berlim, MD, MSc
Eduardo Chachamovich, MD, PhD
Johanne Renaud, MD, MSc, FRCPC
Stéphane Richard-Devantoy, MD, PhD
Marie-Ève Brière, PhD
Sylvie Corbeil, PhD
Marie-Claude Geoffroy, PhD
Iliana Lilova, PhD
Joaquin Poundja, PhD
Nurses and liaison agents
Caroline Gravel, RN
Nathalie Goyette, RN
Annie Roy
Administrative Agents
Joanne Léonard
Annie Gilbert
Social Workers
Theodora Mikedis
Marie-France Dagenais